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2017年1月18日、20日雅思口语预测 Part 2 Top 20高频话题


 Part 2  Top 20高频话题 


1. Describe a famous person that you are interested in


2. Describe a sports person you admire


3. Describe a popular person


4. Describe a public place that you think need improvements


5. Describe a city or country you want to live in the most in the future


6. Describe an important river/area of water in your country


7. Describe a place that you often visit with your family or friends


8. Describe a good photo of you taken by someone


9. Describe an unusual meal that you had


10. Describe an important skill that cannot be learnt at school


11. Describe a traditional product in your country


12. Describe a piece of furniture


13. Describe a science subject that you learnt in Secondary/high School


14. Describe something that you bought recently that you were happy with


15. Describe a special day out when you didn’t spend too much money


16. Describe an impressive story you heard from other people


17. Describe a time that you saved money for something


18. Describe something that enjoy doing with an old person in your family


19. Describe a technology that you would like to use (not computer related)


20. Describe a historical period that you are interested in


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